Leaving a career I loved (teaching) to start a business of my own (Giving Families) with NO business background whatsoever has been a HUGE leap of faith, to say the least. But in doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my difficult past while taking bold steps towards a better future, leaning not on my own understanding but His, forcing me to trust more than I try.

As a result, I’ve been crushing generational curses of mental health and addiction, resulting in freedom, joy and peace of mind unlike anything I could have ever imagined. If you’re looking to become a better version of yourself, FOR yourself and ALL those around you, I’d love to share my testimony with you, encouraging you through scripture to equip and empower you as you cut any ties still binding you to fear, heartache and pain too.

To inquire about next steps, please take a moment to review my booking information.

“Thank you! Your presentation blessed me in many ways. Thank you for answering the calling in such an impactful way.”
“I laughed… I cried… and then I laughed some more; this was exactly what I needed at the exact moment I needed it; thank you!”